JayBee Web Solutions


Your site may be attractive, but if it's outdated, site visitors quickly leave and are not likely to return. Your website will fall in search-engine ranks if the content is not periodically updated and kept current.

Just like a car, regular website maintenance is crucial for longevity on your investment. If you don't have the time or skill, let a professional keep things running smoothly to maintain usability and usefulness.

JayBee Web Solutions has the time and expertise to maintain your website for you ... to make changes to the text, or to optimize and add images, or to make minor adjustments to the design and functionality.

For regular maintenance, and the assurance that your work will be given top priority, you may choose the Basic or Premium Package. These packages guarantee you a set number of hours per month of maintenance at a discounted rate, and a guarantee that the work requested will be done within two business days.

If you only have need for the occasional maintenance or up-dating to be done on your site, you may opt for the regular hourly rate, with no monthly contract.

Either way, you can rest assured that your website will be in good hands and will always have that up-to-date look that will keep your customers coming back.

Put your website in the capable hands of JayBee Web Solutions and you no longer need to worry about it maintaining the usefulness and freshness that it had when it was first published.