JayBee Web Solutions

Website Redesign

Is this your site?

  • initially developed using a do-it-yourself web editor, it didn't turn out the way you wanted and it does not look professional
  • a friend of a friend's friend took a course in high school and built your site, but now there are problems that can't seem to be fixed
  • you like the look of your site, but it doesn't rank high with search engines and people can't seem to find it
  • your site is very difficult to update or revise because it was built using old formatting techniques
  • your company has out-grown your current site, and you need one that can grow with you
  • You are bored with your website, and want a change

These are signs that you need to give your site a facelift or a total makeover. Either way, JayBee Web Solutions can help you improve your website's visual impact, functionality, usability and accessibility.